Reign of Hair-or

I woke up feeling sassy and spirited today. My hair is a mess because of the humidity, but that’s not going to stop me.

Biplane Hair

Well, it may stop me from fitting through doors, but that’s what hair ties and Sticky Bands are for. Now, the first thing on today’s agenda is– oh frick, my hair tie snapped. I get it, hair. It’s humid. You’re growing. Here, maybe a little more anti-frizz spritz will calm you down. There we go. On to the day! I think I’ll walk to the coffee shop before work and get an iced…what is that sound? Is anyone here? Is that…it is! My hair is laughing at me! The curls are exploding in little fuzzy bursts of amusement. Is this your way of telling me the spritz isn’t going to cut it? Okay. I respect your needs, hair. On to the thicker, goopy, handfuls of “curl taming” gel. Will that do the– aaaaand my curls have ensnared the bottle and thrown in the garbage. Neat.

I’m learning two important lessons this morning. The first is that Disney lied to me. Not in the “you’ll find love with a hot prince if you’re nice to birds” way. Well, okay, Disney lied to me about two things. The other is that there is NO WAY I could safely and accurately ride a horse or attempt archery with my hair down on a humid day. I’m looking at you, Merida from “Brave.” What’s your secret, girl?! Help a curly sister out!Merida Hair

The second lesson is that if I want to embrace my sassy and spirited mood today, I’m going to have to let my hair do the same. I won’t stop you from being you, hair. Do your thing. Somebody bring me my laptop! My hair and I are working from the park today since we can’t fit through Neena’s door.

Phil Spector

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