When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Quinoa.

One week ago, we were busy, nervous, and pre-tired. We were preparing for the sale, and finalizing our plans for the market trip that would occur immediately afterward. You know how life can be sometimes, when activities clump together on your calendar rather than politely spacing themselves apart. I can’t speak for everyone, but when I don’t have a rest, pause, or day off planned for the foreseeable future, I tend to get all dramatic about it. Examples of some of my thoughts from last week:

“How is it even POSSIBLE for anyone to work twelve days in a row with no day off?!?”
“I’m not even going to have time for meals!! I’ll have to survive on handfuls of almonds and brief sips of room temperature coffee!!”
“I’m going to be so tired I won’t even be able to FUNCTION!!”

Obviously, the sailing was a little smoother than that. I ate, slept, hydrated, and lived like a normal human. It was not very dramatic. In fact, I even attempted to thrive instead of just survive! What?? Shocking. I know. To continue with 2013‘s pattern of treating myself right, I managed to avoid going into Oreos-taking-the-place-of-meals mode. Right now you’re probably saying “Ronni! You beautiful healthy genius! Can you please share how you managed to stay on track with healthy habits during a week of being busy at work and traveling??” Yes, friends. I will sprinkle you with some pearls of wisdom.

During some of our past sales, I wrote off exercise as a non-possibility that I just didn’t have time for during a busy week. This time, I made myself go to multiple TRX classes during the week. And shockingly, it improved my energy level for the rest of the day instead of draining it as I used to fear! What??!! Exercising improves the quality of your health and well being?? Brand new information!

I was correct to anticipate a heavy dependence on almonds and coffee this week, but managed to put decent meals and moments of sitting down in between the handfuls and sips. Sometimes it took some major will power to seek out a healthy meal instead of comfort food, but I always felt better about the healthier decision after the fact. Even at market, instead of getting soft pretzels and mini chocolate bundt cakes from the snack vendors, Deneen and I both bought the little pre-made containers of quinoa salad! Unheard of. We were proud.

I won’t try to excuse or qualify the amount of coffee I drank this week. It was a lot. At every opportunity. I REGRET NOTHING.

One of the most rewarding things to come out of this busy week was a renewed appreciation for the nature of this store. I wore all Neena, all week and weekend, and was comfy as can be. Sunday was a fourteen hour day, and in my Red 23 tunic and Sense leggings, I hardly needed to change into pajamas when I eventually crashed face down into my hotel pillow that night.

This week certainly reinforced some important lessons for me. Similar to the way quality gasoline and tune ups make your car run better, good food and movement help your body function better. I hope I remember during the summer sale this July how much better I felt this week than I anticipated I would. More than good rest and squeezed-in workouts, I think the most important lesson to be reinforced this week was that it is always a good idea to wrap up a long weekend of hard work in downtown Chicago with deep dish pizza. Quinoa salad will still be there tomorrow.

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